About us

Who are we?

IDEA Tilburg is the umbrella association of all TSB-associations. We are the link between the study associations of TSB (Complex, INPUT, POLIS, Versot and SPS-NIP), Student Parties Stimulus  and ActiveTSB, and the board of the SCT, between the faculty board and the associations and between the different students of TSB. Our goal is to connect different actors within TSB in the best way possible. The board of IDEA consists of four board members with the following functions: chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer.

What do we do?

During the year we organize several events to help TSB students with their educational and professional career. We, for example, organize the BEHAVE cantus and are actively engaged in organizing professional events such as the Master Experience Days. Besides, we are responsible for the Mentorship Program in which student mentors are appointed for the whole academic year. Currently we are exploring opportunities with the school to add more events to our list. IDEA guides different workgroups, such as the activity workgroup, the internationalization workgroup, the acquisition workgroup, the secretary workgroup and the treasurer workgroup.


IDEA is officially founded in January 2019, but has a longer history. Since 2002 all four study associations were sharing information and knowledge in the so called AcSoFa. Later this became TSB-platform. In 2017 the idea of establishing an official Faculty Association was raised by the TSB-assessor and different board-members of the study associations. During several meetings and days full of brainstorming, the plan for the faculty association was roughly made. In June 2018, the first four board-members of IDEA were chosen. Since then we were working very hard behind the scenes to be able to found this association. In January 2019 we officially signed the papers; Faculty Association IDEA is a fact.

What’s in it for you?*

So, what does that mean for you as a student? We organize and support events for all TSB students that transcend the study specific topics. Besides organizing events, we are your blueprint and guidance throughout the faculty. If you don’t know who can resolve your issues, we can point you to the right association, school official or university official.

*In the academic year 2023-2024, we are not currently active; however, you can still reach out if you have any questions, though please be aware that our response times may be slower.