Internationalization Officer

The Internationalization Officer:

With the growing number of international students within the university and the faculty, the need for a role that serves to help such students feel welcome and comfortable, participate in student life, and become better integrated within the faculty, is growing more and more each year.

This is where the internationalization officer steps in and works individually and together with the study associations to monitor internationalization processes, discuss ideas for approaching and activating international students and creating opportunities for Dutch and non-Dutch students to interact, mix and form relationships.

In order for the faculty to collectively move forward in accomplishing these goals, the plans for these initiatives and their execution is organized by the internationalization Workgroup, which focuses on the collaboration of all study association of TSB and is chaired by the Internationalization Officer of IDEA.

Furthermore, the Internationalization Officer is a point of contact for all international students with regards to questions and issues they might have. The Internationalization Officer can be contacted via email: