Want to become partner of IDEA?

IDEA Tilburg is the umbrella association of all TSB-associations. Together with the study associations, we represent the following studies: Organization Studies, Global Management of Social Issues, Psychology, Human Resource Studies and Sociology. For more information about these study associations, you can go to their pages on our website. Together we represent more than 3300 Tilburg University professionals. Next to that, IDEA also takes part in the Social Sciences Career Event. For more information about this event, you can click here.

Our Activities

During the year we organize several events to help students with their educational and professional career. These activities differ from informal to more formal settings. Currently, we are exploring opportunities with our School to add more events to our list.

Interested in a collaboration?

To improve and facilitate the growth of our association, we are eager to seek new partnerships. If you are interested in the students of TSB and you want to organize events for them, please contact our Treasurer Melissa Riley via: treasurer@idea-tilburg.com and you will hear from us soon!