Professional Orientation

Faculty Associations IDEA believes it is important for TSB-students to have the possibility to orientate on a professional level. IDEA aims to provide opportunities for TSB-students to further develop professional skills. Via this webpage we want to introduce you to some personality tests which may help you by learning more about yourself in a professional setting. 

Note: Faculty association IDEA recommends the tests below with the purpose of professional orientation. We do not guarantee accuracy of the test, make sure to read the websites carefully before performing the tests.

16 personalities-test

By mena of this test you will get a concrete description of who you are and why you do things the way you do. After performing the test you will learn more about your personality type with additional character traits. The test is offered by '16 personalities' and is free to perform.

Your personal talents (offered only in Dutch)

This test offers a Personal Talent Analysis. Based on the results of the test, you will gain more insight into what your talents are and how you can convert these talents into strengths. The test is offered by 'TalentConnect' in Dutch and free to perform.

DISC-Test: Your preferred behavioral traits

This test provides insight into behavioral preferences using a simple and accessible color language. Your unique personality is a combination of the four colors. Based on the results, you can identify yourself with one of the personality types. This test will be performed by following the steps in the slides. For more in-depth information about your profile, there are plenty of websites who can inform about all the details.

Career Anchors test

The Career Anchors test is created by Edgar Shein, a leading Organizational Psychologist and Corporate Culture Expert, the Career Anchors test aims to help people better understand what type of work theme or environment is best suited to their strengths and personal aims so that they can better plan their future career choices. To maintain good long-term health, quality of life, and productivity, it's crucial for an individual to have self-awareness and understand which types of positions and environments provide them with energy and fulfillment.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is just as important as IQ. EQ shows your ability to cope with your emotions and your ability to manage emotions of others. This short test gives you an insight whether you have high or low EQ and gives an advice on how to improve or deal with you EQ