Apply for a Board Year!

The applications for a board year at IDEA are open! Apply now and who knows you might be our successor.


Do you perhaps have questions about a specific aspect or function within our dynamic association? Feel free to contact us at!

Application Procedure

Send in your motivation letter and CV to 

Deadline for applying: The 11th of June, 2023

Please include:

  • Who you are;
  • Why you want to become an IDEA board member;
  • What makes you a great fit for the job;
  • Which (2) functions you are interested in;


The positions


As the chairman, you will be the point of contact for the association and also for the faculty. You are at the center of various stakeholders, representing TSB in the Tigeak board and other university-wide discussions. You take the lead in TSB-wide initiatives and stay in touch with all TSB associations. Additionally, you are responsible for overseeing the activities of the IDEA board. You provide support to your fellow board members as needed and ensure that the association is on track. In other words, you engage in conversations with multiple parties and must always be prepared to represent the faculty optimally. You need to have the enthusiasm to win people over and the ability to maintain an overview in order to identify opportunities and intervene when necessary.

As chairman, your hours will depend on the needs of the week. It is also challenging to concentrate your hours on a single day. We recommend allocating 8 to 16 hours per week for your responsibilities.

Characteristics of a chairman: You enjoy keeping an overview and interacting with many different people. You like to be in control and are good at motivating teammates.

Public Relations and Student Support Officer:

As the Public Relations Officer, you are responsible for IDEA’s external image. On one hand, you focus on promoting IDEA, and on the other hand, you organize smaller activities that put IDEA on the map for both TSB students and non-TSB students. Regarding promotion, your responsibilities include managing social media channels, maintaining the website, and writing a bi-monthly newsletter for all TSB students.

As the Student Support officer, your focus is to ensure that students feel welcome within our faculty and have access to the support they need. You will participate in various working groups/meetings that address student well-being, improving faculty internationalization, and meeting the needs of students.

Lastly, your tasks involve organizing activities specifically targeted at TSB boards (2 TSB dinners) and planning an event during Night University.

As the Public Relations and Student Support Officer, you will spend an average of 8 hours per week on your tasks.

Characteristics of a Public Relations and Student Support Officer: You enjoy being creative and thinking along with your fellow students. You are always open to new ideas and like to think about how the association can contribute to the experiences of students and its image to the outside world.

External Affairs Officer:

As the External Affairs Officer, you are responsible for managing IDEA’s professional relationships. It is your duty to establish partnerships with companies, maintain contact with existing partners such as Cafe de Boekanier, and engage with the Career Service Officer of TSB. Additionally, you will coordinate the TSB section of the Career Week. This involves direct interaction with study associations, participating in university-wide Career Week meetings, and handling practical tasks related to the event. Lastly, you will also participate in the Activity Workgroup, a workgroup composed of members from the TSB study associations, responsible for organizing the BEHAVE-Cantus and the preparatory day for the Career Week.

As the External Affairs Officer, you will dedicate an average of 8 hours to your tasks.

Characteristics of the External Affairs Officer: You thrive on professional challenges and seek continuous growth. You enjoy engaging with diverse stakeholders, negotiating effectively, and taking proactive initiatives.

Project Manager:

As the project manager, you are responsible for the two main projects of IDEA: The Master Experience Days and the Mentorship Program. As the project leader for the Master Experience Days, you will be responsible to get in contact with potential speakers (Master students and alumni) and different stakeholders within the university to organize the event. As the project leader for the Mentorship Program, you will be supervising and supporting the student mentors, organizing informal activities, and preparing for the mentorship program for 2024-2025. Lastly, you are responsible for the financial overview of the association.

As a project manager, you will spend an average of 8 hours per week on your tasks. Please note that the first semester will require a higher workload due to the organization of the Master Experience Days, which takes place in February.

Characteristics of a project manager: You thrive on organizing events of all sizes, finding inspiration in the energy they generate, and maintaining a keen focus on the broader perspective. Your collaborative nature as a team player drives you towards achieving results, aided by your adept problem-solving skills.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does a board year at IDEA start? 

A board year at Faculty Association IDEA starts on August 1, 2023 and lasts a full year until July 31, 2024. 

What can I expect timewise? 

The number of hours dedicated to board duties is flexible and can be scheduled according to your availability. Workload varies throughout the year, with some periods requiring more time than others. On average, we estimate a commitment of approximately 8 hours per week for IDEA. However, as the chairman, your role entails more flexibility and communication with various stakeholders, and therefore, the time commitment may range from 8 to 16 hours per week.

Where do I execute my board tasks? 

IDEA has an office on the 6th floor of the Tias building, T6.06. This is fun as well as practical, as you can always walk by the other TSB associations that are all on the same floor for a chat or to talk about a project. But, you also have the freedom to work from home on certain tasks, if they allow it.

Do I have to do my tasks on specific days? 

No, as you meet with lots of different parties, your schedule differs weekly. Some weeks it happens that you have a meeting every day, but some other weeks you have all your IDEA meetings in two days and plan your own task execution time in those two days as well. This freedom in planning allows you to combine a board year with following courses. 

Do I get paid? 

As a board member you also get some financial compensation from the university, depending on the hours you work during the year. 

Are there a lot of evening activities? 

Most of the time you spend on IDEA will take place within working hours, at university. You don’t have an evening activity every week on a fixed day. The amount of times a month variates, depending on the time of the year. At the beginning of the year you have a busier period with the constitution drinks, and in May/June it’s also more due to the board announcement drinks. This is a fun way to get to know other board members! Other evening activities may include the BEHAVE, having drinks or doing fun things with other TSB board members, an event hosted by the activity workgroup or taking part in activities that are organized for board members like the board members dinner or cantus. Sometimes, you visit an activity of one of the TSB associations.