Study Associations

Our faculty has five study associations; Complex, SPS-NIP, POLIS, INPUT and Versot. They all represent different studies and organize professional, educational and informal activities. Being a member of one of these study associations means that you will get discount on books and summaries, that you will meet a lot of new people and expand your network. It´s also a great opportunity to meet students from different year layers. All information about these study associations you will find on this page. 

Other Associations

Besides the Study Associations, our faculty also has other associations: 2 student parties and an association focussing on career oriëntation. 

The student parties are participating in the School Council of TSB. The School Council plays an important role in the faculty. The Council can advise the Management Team, solicited or not, about e.g. the school’s budget, the education and research plan, proceedings for appointing professors, annual accounts, and the annual report.