Student Party Stimulus

Student party for all TSB students

Stimulus is one of the two student parties representing students in the School Council of the Faculty of Social Behavior and Sciences. Together with the staff and the Management Team we discuss the functioning of our faculty in monthly meetings, new changes are submitted and existing programs are reviewed. We take a critical look at all of the issues that the students give us feedback on and work to improve education for them. 

What are some specific issues that we discuss?
For instance, budget estimates of the faculty, Strategic Plans, new education programs, the revision of existing programs and the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER). 

While our main focus lies on faculty affairs, we also value a good collaboration with other boards and councils within the university as well as with the university parties SAM and Front. Via the TSB platform we keep in touch with study associations of every program of TSB. 

Do you want to let us know about the functioning of the faculty, your particular undergraduate/graduate program, or do you have any other question? Please contact us, we are more than glad to help you out. You can visit us in our room in T610! If you have feedback regarding your specific academic program, you can fill in the feedback form here.

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