Study Associations

Our faculty has four study associations; Complex, POLIS, INPUT and Versot. They all represent different studies and organize professional, educational and informal activities. Being a member of one of these study associations means that you will get discount on books and summaries, that you will meet a lot of new people and expand your network. All information about these study associations you will find on this page.


Study Association Complex is the study association for all psychology students who study at Tilburg University. Complex is the third largest association at the university and the largest within our faculty (Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences) with more than 1400 members. Study Association Complex organizes many activities and offers many services that can help you with your study. Complex broadens the opportunities for your courses or provides fun, relaxing activities next to your study. In our calendar, you can find an overview of all the activities that will be organized throughout the year. At Complex, you can buy summaries of your different courses, which have been made and checked by AthenaSummaries. The summaries are available at the Complex office (P0.07). Besides offering summaries, Complex offers tutoring lessons. We work together with AthenaStudies to offer these tutoring lessons for difficult courses such as MTO-A through MTO-E and test theory. Our course related activities include our annual seminar, symposia and the study trip! For more relaxing activities we organize theme parties, an introduction camp, pub quizzes, beer cantusses and more! All of our activities are organized by different committees, which allow you to be active in a student life outside of your course. The committees vary in intensity and duration but it’s almost always possible to be active in a committee outside besides your study

POLIS is the study association for and by students Organization Studies at Tilburg University. POLIS was founded at the 3rd of May 1991 and has grown over 27 years to an organization with over 500 members. By organizing both relaxing and study related activities we try to involve our members with POLIS and the university. These activities are organized by committees. By joining one of these committees you get the perfect opportunity to get some hands-on experience, in the rather theoretic environment the university offers. It´s also a great opportunity to meet students from different year layers. Global Management of Social Issues is a new program and a track of the bachelor Organization Studies. This program integrates knowledge from three academic fields in the social sciences: human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology, from a cross-cultural and international comparative perspective. Due to the fact that the bachelor Global Management of Social Issues is a track of the bachelor Organization Studies and these studies are quite similar, both studies belong to Study Association POLIS. From now on, if we mention students Organization Studies we also mean bachelor students Global Management of Social Issues.

INPUT is the study association for and by students of the studies Personeelwetenschappen (PEW), HRS: People Management (PM) and the (pre)master Human Resource Studies. INPUT was founded on June 26th in 1987, making it the oldest association of the TSB-Faculty! (But sadly not the biggest one) Recently, our Study Association has been expanded with the English track of the Dutch bachelor program; HRS: People Management. Located at Tilburg University, we try to help the HR-student get through their time as a student by providing book discounts, summaries and by organising formal & informal activities. INPUT has about 350 members, from which 70 are active members. Our association strives to connect the HR-student to their student life, the university and the HR-workfield.

  • Versot is a study-association meant for all sociology students and employees of the department of sociology at Tilburg University. The goals Versot has set for itself are twofold: Firstly, the creation of an environment where sociology students can get to know each other through both formal and informal activities (see below). Secondly, but equally important, is that Versot provides students with opportunities to discover the field of sociology in all its forms. To achieve these goals, Versot organizes a range of activities. The formal activities include for example lectures, visits to companies and symposia. For instance, Versot hosts an annual evening where professionals, who graduated in sociology, talk about their occupations and the course of their careers (‘Beroepenavond’ in Dutch). Informal activities include dinners, drinks and games. At the beginning of each year we introduce new sociology students to the University and Versot itself by organizing an introductory camp, where the new students can get to know the people who have already been studying sociology for a few years. Every year Versot also embarks on a trip to a city abroad to discover and explore other cultures