Study association for Organisation Studies students and GMSI students

POLIS is the study association for and by students ofOrganization Studies at Tilburg University. POLIS was founded at the 3rd of May 1991 and has grown over 31 years to an organization with over 600 members. By organizing relaxing activities, study related activities and parties, we try to involveour members with POLIS and the university. These activities are organized by committees. By joining one of these committees you get the perfect opportunity to get some hands-on experience, in the rather theoretic environment the university offers. It’s also a great opportunity to meetstudents from different year layers. Global Management of Social Issues is a fairly new program and a track of the bachelor Organization Studies. This program integrates knowledge from three academic fields in the social sciences: human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology, from a cross-cultural and international comparative perspective. Due to the fact that the bachelor Global Management of Social Issues is a track of the bachelor Organization Studies and these studies are quite similar, both studies belong to Study Association POLIS. 

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