Versot – Sociology

Study association for sociology students

Versot stands for Vereniging Sociologie Tilburg (which translates to: Study Association of Sociology Tilburg). It is a study-association meant for all sociology students and employees of the department of Sociology at Tilburg university. Versot strives to always support its members and provide students with opportunities to get to know each other but also to discover the field of sociology in all its forms. This mission has been at place for over 30 years. To accomplish said goals, Versot offers discounts on books, aids to create a tight network and organizes various activities. There are two types of activities: formal and informal. Examples of formal activities are visits to companies, information nights where alumni share their stories, CV workshops, etc. On the other hand, some of the popular informal activities that are organized are pub quizzes, pub crawls, cantus and small trips! There is also the possibility of becoming an active member during your studies; this means you are a part of one or more committee(s). This entails that you are more involved with Versot and contribute to the successful realization of events. A committee consists of 2-6 people who take care of the activities that Versot organizes. As a committee member, you’ll gain various skills, depending on what committee you’ve joined. It is completely your choice to decide which committee you would like to join. Among some of the things you’ll learn includes: having an efficient meeting, keeping in contact with external parties and organizing events. Additionally, participating on a committee and becoming active prompts the attractiveness of your CV! More information about Versot and its committees is available on our website:

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